How to Decorate a Living Room Tips

admin July 24, 2014
how to decorate living room

How to decorate a living room is one of the most important rooms in the house because it is where he spends most of the time, hence the name. Most living rooms should be multifunctional and have enough room to fit the whole family comfortably and visitors from space. This is easy if your room is large. However, you cannot have a large room, for example, if you live in an apartment.

Choosing the right paint color

The colors can transform a room dramatically. How to decorate a living room should be painted with cool colors like gray, blue and green. The gray color is a pet peeve that looks great in the living room, since it can be combined with any color. The ceiling should be painted with a lighter tone than the walls to the room seem taller and airier.

Hang the curtains from the ceiling

Choose a curtain arriving to the ground, and are applied above the top of the window. More 3 or 4 inches above is ideal. If the curtains go up the floor from the ceiling creates the illusion of space in how to decorate a living room.

Pick the right sofa

Most manufacturing “sofas for apartments” companies use a combination of a large sofa together in a small armchair or sofa. Two small sofas facing each other with a coffee table also works well. Consider sofas “armless” becoming more open space. Make sure you do not have too many pieces of furniture will make you feel very cramped in how to decorate a living room.

Decorate a living room choose furniture with double function. A coffee table with a hidden bookcase is ideal for storing stacks of DVDs gives a bookshelf to display some decorative treasures while to store books. This is to avoid having to put a bookcase in a space.

Create a center of how to decorate a living room

Using a large element is not the same thing as creating a center of attention. Being something big will get attention but will make the space look too crowded. However, a work of great art is better than several small, because this will create a sense of disorder.

Use mirrors

Mirrors open up the space and reflect light. So, how to decorate a living room looks bigger. Place a mirror behind the sofa or in front of a window that catches the light. Results also put several small mirrors, thus creating a large mirror.

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