How to Wear Grey Bedroom Furniture Set In the Decoration

Ella July 22, 2014
Grey Bedroom Furniture Set

Grey is an increasingly pervasive in decorations. Gradually it is becoming the new black color: a modern color, simple and environments that gives a great deal of elegance. But as with the black, grey is not an easy color to use. If you do not combine well or abuse it, we can create too cold environments.

But not suffer this setback because I have prepared a guide to colors that combine with grey bedroom furniture set in the decoration. With the combinations you’re going to present to create spaces full of vitality today.

How to wear grey and yellow decor

Grey and yellow light to create atmosphere. Yellow is a bright color that gradually also becoming prominent in the hollow interior. To combine with grey should use bright colors like lemon yellow. These bright colors will give light to grey and will help us create environments brimming with energy and luminosity.

Combining grey and rose decoration

Grey with pink tones for romantic settings. Pink is a color that blends with grey. The important thing is to combine well the intensity of the colors, always looking the same. For example, lighter shades of grey as the grey pearl combine well with a light pink.

How to wear grey with neutral tones interior decoration

Grey room with neutral to soft colors. If we want to achieve a smooth atmosphere we can combine grey with neutral colors like white or beige. These combinations create a classic style but with a chic overall tone. In this type of combination is best not to use more than three colors, and one of them must prevail over the other.

How to wear the grey and blue decoration

Grey with blue tones, the winning combination. The blue color is best combined with the blue, so I wanted to leave it for the end. Ocean, blue sky blue, indigo blue, all is great range of blue combined with grey tones. This merger is advisable especially for children’s rooms, because it creates very harmonious spaces.

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